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Five Ways To Make Your Home Look Like The Setting Of A Cyberpunk Movie

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The futuristic, industrial aesthetic often featured in cyberpunk movies is a great inspiration for decorating your home. Not only will it give your home a unique and high-tech look, it will also be a great conversation starter for guests who are aficionados of cyberpunk art and science fiction in general. With a bit of work, your house can seem like it was pulled straight from the futuristic setting of a William Gibson story.

Adorn Your House with Cyberpunk Decor

Cyberpunk art often depicts the same gritty, high-tech scenes found in cyberpunk movies. Additionally, artists often use bright neon colors contrasted with dark, industrial backgrounds. Hang a few cyberpunk posters on your walls to establish a dystopian mood and color scheme in your home.

Furnishings with an industrial look also help create a cyberpunk vibe. Some examples include stainless steel appliances, bare-metal lamps and light fixtures, brass faucets, and art sculptures made from industrial components.

Give Your Home Interior a Cyberpunk Glow

Make those cyberpunk colors pop by installing a few ultraviolet light bulbs throughout your house. Using ultraviolet lights alone will make your house a bit too dark, and some people find ultraviolet light to be uncomfortable after a period of time. However, if you use ultraviolet lamps along with your conventional light bulbs, the ultraviolet effects are much more subtle. The bright colors of your decor and clothing will have the ultraviolet vibrancy often used in cyberpunk movie settings, but you'll still have the brightness and comfort of conventional lights.

Make Your House a Smart Home

Electronic technology is a very prominent feature in cyberpunk art and movies. A lot of the futuristic automated technology used in cyberpunk stories is available today. For example, smart home technology allows you to control your thermometer and security system straight from your phone, even if you're not at your house. You can also monitor your home security cameras from your phone, which is reminiscent of the high-tech surveillance systems often featured in cyberpunk stories.

Additionally, you can install smart appliances and entertainment systems that are controlled by your phone or voice. Being able to talk to your appliances and tell them what to do can make your house feel like it has a cyberpunk artificial intelligence system living in it.

Make Your Patio Glow with Neon

Cyberpunk movies often feature an abundance of neon lighting, a lot of which are excessive corporate advertisements plastered to the sides of buildings. Install neon signs that feature phrases and logos from your favorite brands to make your patio look more like a stoop in a cyberpunk metropolis. To complete the look, install strings of multi-colored LED lights along your deck and outdoor furniture. Make sure you buy lights specifically made for outdoor use to avoid a fire hazard if it rains.

Install a Pool with Multi-Colored LED Lighting

An outdoor pool will really help transform your backyard into a cyberpunk setting. Professional pool builders like Contemporary Pools Inc can customize the look of your pool so that it has an industrial aesthetic like the pools often found in high-tech cyberpunk lofts. Additionally, you can install multi-colored LED pool lights to complete the look. Not only will your custom pool look extremely cool, it will also be a great place to throw cyberpunk-themed parties in the summer.

Your LED pool lights combined with the reflection of your neon decor will turn your pool's rippling water into a cyberpunk light show. When you and your guests go swimming at night, you'll feel like you've dived into a futuristic flotation chamber out of some cyberpunk science lab. Combine that with all your interior decorations as well as your smart home technology and your home will start to seem like it could have come straight out of a cyberpunk movie set 100 years in the future.