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Buying A Used Hot Tub: Things To Consider

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If you are thinking about buying a new hot tub, you are looking at a fairly large investment. The average hot tub costs upwards of $3,000 which can be difficult to afford. For this reason, you may want to look at buying a used model instead. You can get a quality hot tub at a more budget-friendly price if you know what to shop for. Here are things you should consider when you are buying a used hot tub.

What's included

An ideal hot tub purchase from a current owner will include the hot tub, any replacement parts or bulbs, a cover, and cleaning or pH balancing supplies. This can allow you to save money in having to purchase these things independently and can also help indicate how well the current owner has taken care of their hot tub. A hot tub that doesn't come with a cover, for example, may make you wonder if the previous owner ever covered their equipment at all, which can indicate clogged filters, ample stains, and sun damage.

Test on-site

If you are lucky, you can find a hot tub that is still being used prior to buying it. Many sellers choose to drain and store the hot tubs they no longer use which can make it hard to see if they work or not. Try to shop for a used hot tub where the unit can be tested on-site, either by filling it to see how well jets work or by the unit being currently in use until it is sold. When you are testing a hot tub make sure the water runs clear, the unit does not hum loudly or vibrate deeply, and that all the jets are working. If some parts of the hot tub appear to not be operating as they should, point this out to the current owner and ask to have the parts repaired prior to purchase or to lower the price so you can get them fixed on your own cost-effectively.


A hot tub should always be covered when not in use, as hinted at above. This protects the equipment from debris and other issues as well as keeps it from discoloring or cracking in the sun. Ideally, a hot tub should be drained fully and cleaned out prior to storage for the summer and then covered with a proper sealing top. Always ask a seller how they take care of their hot tub when not in use as well. They should check water levels regularly and check the pH levels daily to prevent algae buildup.