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3 Signs That It Is Time For A Pool Liner Replacement

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It is no big secret that part of being a pool owner is being prepared for maintenance, and your pool liner is one component of your pool that will need your attention on occasion. Pool liners may last only through a few seasons, or they may last for several years; it all depends on the materials they are made from and how well they are made. Because the pool liner serves such an important purpose, one of the wisest things you can do as a pool owner is to get to know the signs that your pool liner needs to be replaced. Check out these easy indicators that can tell you it is definitely time to start thinking about pool liner replacement.

The pool liner is starting to show signs of wear and tear.

This is an obvious indicator that your pool liner will need to be replaced soon, but if your pool is already filled for the season, the signs can also be hard to spot. Pool liners naturally deteriorate with use. This deterioration may show up as small cracks in the surface of the liner or even tiny rips, tears, and holes. While there may not be obvious signs of leakage with a little obvious deterioration, leaks will come soon after, so it is best to go ahead and plan for replacement. 

The pool liner is getting hard to keep in place. 

The upper lip of the pool liner slips into the edge of the pool for containment. As the pool liner starts to wear out, this upper lip start to look stretched and out of shape, which means it will grow really hard to keep that lip in place. If you are seeing the liner slip out and it is getting harder to keep the upper lip in place, replacement is imminent. 

The pool is leaking water. 

Perhaps the most noticeable reason to plan for pool liner replacement is when the pool starts to lose water because the liner is allowing water to seep through. You may not notice a small water leak at first, but if water levels drop noticeably, it is a good idea to get the liner replaced. Even if a leak is small, it can cause damage to the rest of the pool components, so it is never a good idea to allow a steady decline in water levels to go unattended to.