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The Cleanest Water to Swim in With These Ideas for Natural Custom Pools

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Keeping the water in a pool clean is something that will give you a lot of work to do all summer long. The chemicals and equipment is also going to raise the cost of your pool maintenance. Instead of a conventional pool, natural pool designs may be what you need for the cleanest pool water. Here are some custom natural pool design ideas that will give you a clean pool that requires less maintenance:

1. Natural Filtration and Fewer Chemicals in a Conventional Pool Design

Natural filtration with a conventional pool design will have the filtration in a separate area than your pool. The natural filtration will consist of a planted filter area, which will have sand and plants that naturally filter the water from your pool. This are can also include a pond or water reservoir that has wildlife to breakdown contaminates from your pool. The system may also include conventional filters that help ensure the water that goes into the pool is as clean as possible.

2. Make Your Own Private Lagoon That Includes Planted Areas and a Swimming Area

Another option that you have for a natural pool is to build your own private lagoon if you have space. This is a project that will require a pond liner to be installed and a natural looking design to the excavations. You can use a combination of sand and gravel to complete the floor of your pool. If you want flat surfaces on the bottom of your pool, large natural stone pavers can also be used. The lagoon will also include planted areas, which will have the wildlife that provides the filtration for your natural swimming pool. The water will need to circulate, so you will need to have irrigation tubing and pumps installed, as well as fountain or sprinkler heads.

3. Integrated Koi Pond in Your Natural Pool for Filtration and Appearance

Another option that you may want to consider for cleaner water is integrating koi and fish into the swimming area. Since koi are a type of carp species, they are bottom feeders that will eat all the waste in the pool. The fish will not only help keep the water clean, but they will also be an attractive addition to the complete design.

These are some natural pool ideas that are going to give you clean water and less pool maintenance this summer. If you are ready to have a new pool installed, contact a pool contractor like Pacific AquaScapes to help with the design of your natural pool, as well as the improvements and maintenance needed to keep it clean.