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What To Know About Getting A New Liner For Your Pool

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If the liner in your pool is damaged, it may be best to replace it rather than trying to repair it. Replacing the liner is a fairly simple job for a professional and it gives you the opportunity to make changes to your pool if you want to. You may want to add steps or put in a tanning shelf, for example. It also gives you the chance to switch to a more attractive liner so your pool has style. Here are a few things to know about getting a new pool liner.

Decide If You Want To Save The Water

The water has to be removed from the pool before the old liner can be removed. Be sure it is acceptable to pump the water into the street and storm drain in your city before you do so or you might be fined. You could possibly pump the water onto your property, but you want to take the water table into consideration first. If you've had a lot of rain recently, the water table could be high, and dumping the pool water on top could be too much for the soil to handle.

Excess water under the pool can cause problems once the weight of the water has been removed. The risk of walls collapsing and the base shifting are increased when the water table is too high. If you're going to pump the water onto your property, be sure to do it during a dry time so your pool stays safe. An alternative is to save the water. It might be less expensive and safer to rent a water truck for the day. You can save the water and pump it back once the liner is changed. This also saves you the expense of paying for new water to fill the pool.

Choose The New Liner

There are different types of liners available. The thicker the liner, the better it holds up against damage and the better it holds in water. Even though thicker liners cost more, they are worth the expense since they will need fewer repairs. Liners are usually thicker in areas like the steps, but you can also add texture to the steps to make them safer to walk on. You can also get liners with a decorative design. For instance, you may want a liner with a dolphin printed on the bottom. Another option is to buy a liner with decorative tiles printed around the top to give it a more exciting appearance than solid blue. Another thing to consider when buying a pool liner is whether to go with one made of recycled materials. Although it may be a greener option, recycled vinyl doesn't tend to hold up as well, so you should ask your contractor's opinion before you decide.

Hire A Contractor For The Job

You can buy a pool liner and install it yourself, but there are several reasons why it is best to hire a contractor. For one thing, if something goes wrong, you will have to pump out the water and start over. Paying for water to fill a pool is expensive, so you don't want to make any mistakes. Changing the liner involves more than just ripping out the old one and putting in a new one. First, you have to cut out the liner because it is difficult to handle and maneuver. Then you have to figure out a way to dispose of it and pay the disposal fee. Once the old liner is out, the base of the pool has to be prepped according to whether it is sand or grout. A new layer may need to be added to make the bottom smooth and ready for the new liner.

With the old liner out, it's the perfect time to check the pipes and other pool parts for signs of wear so preventative maintenance can be done. The sides of the pool should be cleaned as well. These tasks require some knowledge and skill. Even placing the new liner into the pool is a job that takes skill and a crew of people. So, while it's possible to change the liner yourself, it's usually best to let a professional do it so the job is done right and you can avoid future problems.