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Build It And They Will Come: Five Pool Features That Will Attract Your Friends And Family

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If you can't seem to get your family and friends to visit and take a dip in your pool, perhaps it is time for some updates. Talk with pool contractors about creating a landscape that highlights your swimming pool, and that are too alluring for company to resist! Making an investment in your home's exterior living space may also improve the overall value of your home, too!

Five features for your pool that will lure family and friends over are:

  1. A pool bar. Make over your backyard into a tropical oasis by adding a pool bar. These can be created at the time that you install your pool, or you can add one to your backyard for easy-access to swimming guests. This is a great place to store your liquor and bar-ware, while entertaining your guests all season long!
  2. In-pool furnishings. Create something special by installing in-pool tables and seating for your friends and family. Cute tables rising from the water are the perfect place to set your cocktail, while in-pool stools provide a place to rest for tired kids. Talk with contractors about the best pieces for your distinct pool shape, style, and size.
  3. A warm firepit. Landscape designers are embracing the new trend of positioning firepits near swimming pools. This serves a couple purposes including illumination of your outdoor spaces that can prevent nasty falls and accidents. Also, this provides a cozy atmosphere for evening get-togethers outdoors.
  4. An outdoor shower. Install an outdoor shower to parlay the concerns that others are dragging dirt and germs into your swimming pool. This is also a great way to cut-down on the cleaning and maintenance that a swimming pool entails. Plus, who doesn't want to take an early-morning shower outside?
  5. A fountain or waterfall. Construct a watery sanctuary with the addition of a water feature, such as a fountain or waterfall, to your swimming pool. Many of these are simple additions that require little more than a power source or direct access to the sun; you can also ask contractors about borders that will complement a free-form pool, turning it into something spectacular!

Talk with pool contractors about adding allure and convenience to your pool area. Friends will come from near and far to check-out your new, updated pool, and to take a swim! Consider these suggestions when looking for feasible pool features that will enhance and improve your current property.