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The Pool Of The Future - Hot Trends In Pool Design

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It used to be that it took either a stay in a hotel or a trip to the municipal pool for the kids to get a chance to go swimming and a pool at home was just for rich people. With new television programs showcasing fancy pool designs and improved technology backyard pools are becoming more and more common.  And these aren't just a rectangular pool with a slide on one end. 

Many new design elements  are allowing pool owners to personalize their backyard space.  Depending on the size of the yard and what the owner is looking to accomplish,  these elements can be combined to create a very unique space.  Some of the most popular of these are:

  • Ledges -  traditionally most pools have a shallow end for people looking to wade and a deep end for users looking for a diving or slide area.  This convention is now being challenged with addition of ledges or, as they are commonly known in the industry, Baja shelves.  These ledges consist of a flat area usually less than 1 foot deep. This provides an area for a person to relax and even sunbathe while still in the water. Many pool owners are even incorporating patio furniture into the shelves.
  • Automation - One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional pools was the necessity to constantly test the water and make adjustments to the pool chemistry.  Modern technology has now provided ways to check the pool chemistry and even distribute the required chemicals using a smart phone app.  In addition, these apps can be used to remotely control everything from lighting to heating to filtration systems. By making these functions automatic it is much easier to not procrastinate doing them, thereby keeping the pool much cleaner and safer.
  • Fire - it seems counterintuitive that a fire feature would be included with the water of a swimming pool but one of the most popular trends in pool design is the addition of a fire pit or fire bowl within the pool itself or adjacent to the pool.  Particularly at night this can add a unique warmth and ambiance to the pool area. 
  • Other Outside Fixtures - as pool owners strive to make their pools more and more of an entertainment area they are adding features such as outdoor kitchens and waterproof sound systems. Pool areas are literally becoming outdoor living rooms.

With all of the exciting new ideas in pool customization, they continue to be a hot addition to the value and appeal of a home and a good way to "show up the Joneses".

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