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New Pool? Swimming Pool Care Tips

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Getting a new pool is an exciting time. It can provide hours of fun for your kids, entire family, and even for your friends too. A pool requires quite a bit of work though, so be ready to take on the extra responsibility to help ensure your pool lasts year after year without fail. See below for helpful care tips for your pool.

Purchase Chemicals

Your pool will require the use of chemicals to ensure your water is safe for swimming. Chemicals such as chlorine, shock, and stabilizer will be needed for your pool. You'll also need a water testing kit. All of these things can be found at your local swimming pool supply store. If you aren't sure what chemicals should be added, you can always take a sample of your water to your pool supply store to have it tested, and they can tell you what to add. 

Invest In A Vacuum

You'll also need a vacuum for your pool. The bottom of your pool will accumulate dirt, leaves, hair, and other debris which, if left there, could stain your liner or eat through it, leaving you with a hole. Vacuuming your pool doesn't take too long, but you do need to go slowly to be sure you are sucking up the debris and not simply pushing it around the pool. When vacuuming the pool, you need to be sure you get all of the air bubbles out of the hose before beginning, otherwise you won't have very good suction. Take a few minutes to blow the air out of the hose before beginning.

Backflush The Filter

With all of that vacuuming, and especially if you have a lot of people swimming in your pool, you'll want to backflush the dirty water out. This means turning the handle to the backflush setting and allowing the dirty water to flow out. Watch as the dirty water exits and turn the pump/filter off when the water turns clear again. Also, be sure to empty the skimmer basket and the basket in the pump as well if it has a lot of debris inside of it.

Taking care of a pool can be quite a chore, but it is worth every minute of fun you'll have with your new investment. If you have any questions about how to care for your pool, talk to your pool installation company or speak to someone at your local pool supply store for help. Companies like PoolAgain can help with your pool care needs.