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5 Fun Ways To Renovate Your Pool Area

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If you have had a pool in your backyard for years, and you are tired of looking at the same old, basic set-up, it is time to renovate your pool. Using the basic structure of your pool, change it into something spectacular.

Upgrade the Light System

The one upgrade that you have to make to your pool is a new light system. If your pool has basic floodlights, it is time to switch to a more energy efficient and fun option. LED pool light are not only way more energy efficient than the old floodlights used to light up pool areas, they provide you with way more custom light options. With LED lights, you can make your lights virtually any color that you want to. You can change the colors on your lights whenever you want to in order to change up the mood and feel of your pool. You can install LED lights inside of your pool itself, and around the outside structure and landscaping of your pool.

Resurfacing Your Pool

If your pool has a basic plaster finish, resurfacing will change the actual look of the inside of your pool. For a much more modern finish, choose an aggregate finish. With an aggregate finish, you can incorporate other material into the finish in order to add color, pop and customization to your pool. Common additional materials used with aggregate finishes include shells and stones.

Change The Waterline Tile

One of the easiest ways to date your pool is with old waterline tile. Old waterline tile can easily mark that your pool was made in the 80s or 90s. Get rid of the old waterline tile and install something that has a more modern and chic feel that matches with the new resurfacing that you did of your pool.

Add Extra Space

Looking at the same shape for years can get old, which is why extending your pool can be such a great idea. You can add some curves on one side of your pool to give it more definition. Many older pools followed the rectangular layouts, whereas modern pools really embrace unique shapes.

Incorporate A Spa

You don't have to keep your pool just a pool. Add a spa next to your pool with a shared water system. With a built in spa, you don't need a hot tub. You and your guests can easily jump from the pool right into the spa to warm up and relax.

Change up your pool and get rid of its dated feeling with a colored LED light system, new waterline tile, and a new surface texture. Add some shape to your rectangular pool, and incorporate a spa right next to your pool for a more high-class and enjoyable backyard experience.