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3 Reasons To Choose A Zero-Entry Pool

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Adding a pool to your property can make the summer months more bearable. Pools provide a fun place for your family and friends to relax and cool off on hot summer days. There are many different swimming pool designs available to residential customers.

If you want to maximize the convenience and safety of your pool, consider a zero-entry design. 

1. Zero-entry pools are more accessible.

You want all of your friends and family members to be able to enjoy your swimming pool, regardless of their age. Traditional swimming pools can only be accessed using a set of stairs that can be difficult for the elderly or young children to navigate.

Since a zero-entry pool features a gently-sloping entry that eliminates the need for stairs, your swimming pool will become more accessible when it includes a zero-entry design.

2. Zero-entry pools are more versatile.

A pool can be used for many different activities. If you want your swimming pool to be able to accommodate as many activities as possible, then a zero-entry design is your best option. A pool with a zero-entry design creates a shallow space where young children can play without worrying about being in water that might be over their heads.

The shallow water near a zero-entry pool's access point can also serve as a great place to catch some sun. The water is shallow enough to let the sun penetrate through but deep enough to keep sunbathers cool as they bask in the summer sun.

3. Zero-entry pools are pet-friendly.

Many homeowners have pets that they consider part of the family. Your animals can benefit from the cool relaxation that a swimming pool can offer during the warm summer months.

A zero-entry design creates a simple access point for dogs, pigs, and other domestic animals to take advantage of the water. Your pets will be able to safely enter and exit the pool without assistance, reducing the risk of serious injury. Families who want to incorporate their beloved pets in their water activities can benefit from a pool with a zero-entry design.

Careful consideration must be given to the design of your swimming pool before construction begins. Opting to install a zero-entry pool gives you the ability to ensure your private swimming pool will be safe, accessible, and versatile enough to meet your family's needs. Ask your pool contractor about the benefits a zero-entry pool can offer your family in the future. For more information, contact a company like Elite Pools.