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Swimming Pool Care Tips To Prevent Damage This Winter

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After a long summer of fun and relaxation in the pool, it's time to put away the pool for those cold winter months. If you aren't careful though, you could end up with damage to your pool. Some may be able to be repaired, but others could damage your pool so severely that you may need an entirely new pool. Care for you pool properly this winter and watch out for problems to prevent damage. Read on for care tips for your pool.

Use A Sturdy Pool Cover

Don't attempt to use a tarp that isn't made for swimming pools to cover your pool this winter. A regular tarp may not hold up to the rain and other weather. If you end up with a hole or a torn cover, it will leave your pool open to debris and sun damage. Use a sturdy pool cover that is made for your pool size. Pool covers come in a variety of types, so the prices may vary from store to store and by type. Some stores may offer a warranty on their covers, which may be worth the extra cost.

Keep Water Off

Your pool cover is going to accumulate with rain water throughout he winter season, which can freeze when it's too cold outside. This can pull on your cover and tug at the top rails of your pool. Try your best to get the water off of your pool after a heavy rainfall to prevent damage to your pool or to the cover. Use a submersible pump to pump the water off of the cover.

Watch For Water

Keep an eye out around your pool for any water running from the pool or coming out from around the bottom of the swimming pool. This may indicate you have a hole somewhere. If your pool is buried in the ground a bit, watch for lighter color grass around the pool, muddy patches or areas that are soggy around the pool. If you have damage during winter, you may want to drain the pool altogether, keep the cover on the top and then make the necessary repairs in the spring. 

Watch For Side Damage

Side damage can occur when the pool freezes and the sides of the pool aren't able to handle the weight. Keep an eye out for any buckling in the sides of your pool, or creases in the sides. If you spot this type of damage, the sidewalls may need to be replaced in the spring. Wait until the spring season to see what type of damage your pool has before doing anything.

You need to care for your pool year round to ensure it is in good working order when you need it in the spring and summer months. If you have an issue with your pool and need to have it repaired, call a professional pool repair company, like All-American Pools.