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Tips for Winterizing Your Backyard Swimming Pool

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Did you have a backyard swimming pool installed this past summer, and now you need to close it for the winter for the first time? It will help to know the following tips so that you prepare the pool correctly.

Thoroughly Clean Your Pool 

You'll need to really give your pool a thorough cleaning to ensure that all dirt, debris, and algae are gone. This means skimming the pool surface, brushing the surfaces of all of the walls, and vacuuming the bottom of the pool. Don't make the mistake of ignoring parts of your pool just because you cannot see a buildup of algae or dirt on the surface.

Balance Your Water with Chemicals

Get your pool water in good shape by testing the water and adding the necessary chemicals to ensure it is all balanced. You want good alkalinity and pH levels so that the water is clean and safe prior to the winter.

Drain Your Pool Water Slightly

You'll want to drain the water in the pool so that it is below the skimmer. You can do this by turning off your pool's filter and setting it to backwash, then setting the drain valves to pull water from the main drain in the deep end of the pool. Then turn the filter on and allow the water to drain until it's below the skimmer.

Blow Out Your Pool's Lines

The next step is kind of tricky if you've never done it before since it requires blowing the water out of the water lines in the pool and plugging up those pipes. It requires that you have a compressor, which is why this may be best to leave to a professional. 

Start by removing all of the skimmer baskets and return fittings from the pool. The filter's drain plugs can be removed to let out all of the water. The skimmer should be set to recirculate the water and set the pump valve back to the skimmer if it was set to the main drain from earlier. 

Attach an air compressor fitting to your main pump's drain so that you can hook up a compressor, then start blowing air through the system. You'll want to use a wet vacuum to remove the water that is in the skimmer to ensure that it is dry. Then plug up the skimmer. Go around to all of your jets and plug those up as well. This should ensure that there is no water in these pipes for the entire winter.

Reach out to a pool specialist through websites like if you need help closing your pool this winter.