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Considerations For The Installation Of A Plunge Pool

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A plunge pool is a water feature that is smaller in size than a standard in-ground pool, but that will still benefit an end-user by offering a place to cool down on hot summer days. This type of pool is less costly than a deeper model and less disruption to your property will be required. Choose some features that will make a new plunge pool a complementary feature to your property.

The Depth, Size, And Shape

A plunge pool can be one or two feet deep and possess a small circular shape or can be slightly deeper and oblong or asymmetrical in shape. Tiles or a classic pool liner is used to cover the base and sides of a plunge pool. Concrete decking or a tiled surface can be installed around a pool, providing a level surface for lawn furnishings.

A plunge pool does not need to consist solely of a water feature that holds water. Some designs contain one or more sunbathing platforms, which are added to a design and consist of concrete platforms that are coated with a textured surface. A platform will allow a bather to take a dip in the pool and then stretch out on a platform, to work on their tan or relax.

Plunge pools can contain lighting, which is installed either inside of the pool or around the deck material. With the addition of lighting, a plunge pool will make a nice setting for a backyard barbecue or family event that is going to coordinate water activities with the other activities being offered. 

The Excavation Process And Landscaping

With the addition of any type of water feature that is being installed in the ground, excavation will be necessary. Because a plunge pool will not require the removal of a lot of dirt, one or two compact excavator machines may be used to conduct the preliminary steps necessary to prepare for the installation.

While the excavation steps are underway, members of your family should refrain from accessing the property. Once the concrete form has been poured and the interior finishing materials have been installed, decide how you would like to landscape the property surrounding the pool.

The pool contractor who you hire will be responsible for installing the decking materials that surround the pool. Shrubs, plants, mulch, paving stones, and bricks are some landscaping features that can be added nearby, to add privacy and color to the area that surrounds the plunge pool.