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Summer Pool Cleaning To Keep Water Crystal Clear And Prevent Problems With Equipment

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The summer months are a time of the year when you will want to be enjoying your pool. Therefore, good maintenance to keep it clean is important. There are some cleaning and upkeep you want to have done to preserve the water quality. This will also help to prevent problems with equipment. The following pool cleaning information will help you with the upkeep your pool will need this summer:

Dealing with Algae Before It Starts

The first issue you are going to have to deal with during the summer months is algae blooms. These problems often start as soon as the weather gets warmer and continue throughout the season. Therefore, you want to make sure your pool is thoroughly cleaned before it is opened for swimming. A swimming pool cleaning service can use anti-algae treatments and cleaning to prevent early algae blooms.

Cleaning Of Liners and Surfacing

The surface of your pool can also be a problem that you have to deal with before the opening. Often, surfaces are stained by old algae blooms and wear. Therefore, cleaning may be needed to remove stains and prepare your pool for another summer of swimming. Things that you want to do to clean and repair include:

  • Partially draining the pool
  • Scrub staining with an algaecide cleaner
  • Repairing damage to surfacing and coping

If you start with a pool surface that is in good condition, it will be easier to keep the water clean.

Shocking the Water When Needed

It is important to shock the water in your pool throughout the summer months. This is something that will help kill algae and other organisms in the water. There are certain times when you want to add a chlorine shock treatment to your pool, including:

  • Before opening
  • After heavy use
  • After heavy rains or hot weather
  • Before closing for winter

Adding the chlorine shock treatment to your pool during these times will ensure water stays clean throughout the summer.

Maintaining Equipment During Summer Weather

Lastly, it is important to keep your pool equipment clean throughout the summer months. You want to make sure to backwash the filter regularly and change cartridges or mediums. In addition, a pool cleaning service can help with disassembling and thoroughly cleaning the pump to ensure it is working all summer.

Good pool maintenance and cleaning ensure you do not have problems with equipment or water quality. Contact a pool cleaning service for help with this upkeep.